December 9–25, 2023
6pm–10pm everyday


Commonly asked questions and answers.

Q: Is there a Drive Through Night and can you walk through during that night?
A: No. This year there is no drive-thru night. If you prefer not to walk, please check out our trolley and hayride vendors for a ride through the lights.
Q: Where can I drop off my can food donation?
A: There are donation stations at all four (4) entrances to the neighborhood. You can bring your donation with you at night. Or, if you'd like to drop off a donation during the day, the donation boxes are out 24 hours a day during the festival. You can also donate to the Food Bank online.
Q: Can you ride a bike?
A: We would prefer if you didn't due to the large number of pedestrians.
Q: Can you take a stroller?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you bring your dogs?
A. Yes. But they must be on a leash. And please bring baggies to pick up after them. If your dog isn't the most friendly, you may reconsider bringing them as there are many children and other dogs.
Q: Are there bathrooms?
A: Yes. There are port-a-potties placed in various places throughout the neighborhood. Please don't ask neighbors to use their home restrooms.
Q: Are there trash cans?
A: Yes. There are many large trash barrels throughout the neighborhood. The festival has no paid crew to pick up, please help us keep the streets clean.
Q: Where can I park?
A: There is no designated parking lot. Some surrounding businesses charge for parking, though they have no affiliation with the Festival. You can park in surrounding neighborhoods, but please be respectful and safe. Please be careful not to block intersections or driveways, and take your trash with you. Some surrounding streets are quite dark at night with few street lights, so be cautious when walking to and from your car.
Q: Are there maps?
A: Yes the Food Bank provides maps.
Q: Do residents receive a credit from Tucson Electric Company to help cover their electrical costs during the Festival?
A: Winterhaven residents absorb any cost increases in their electric bill during the Festival.
Q: Are residents required to decorate for the Festival?
A: Decorating and participating in the Festival of Lights is all voluntary. Most residents participate because they love the Festival and see it as their gift to the community
Q: Does Winterhaven earn money from the haywagon & trolley vendors during the Festival?
A: The money earned from vendors helps to pay for the police, barricades and other items for the festival. No money goes into the pockets of Winterhaven residents.
Q: Is the Festival of Lights a Christmas celebration?
A: The Festival of Lights is a celebration for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. Light is a common theme among many of the major religions of the world. Winterhaven's Festival of Light is a gift to all.